PSAQ Methode

Absolute protein quantification


Since 2010, PX'Therapeutics offers absolute protein quantification based on mass spectrometry analysis, through its subsidiary PROMISE Advanced Proteomics.

This innovative method uses brand-new quantification standards (full-length stable-isotope-labelled proteins) and provides highly specific and accurate results for proteins present in biological fluids even at very low concentrations.





 Therapeutic proteins:


 Pharmacokinetic studies

 Clinical: diagnostic/theranostic

 Biomarker evaluation/validation

 Companion diagnostics

 Quality controls:

 Food quality control (dosage of enterotoxins, etc.)

 Doping control (dosage of drugs/metabolites)




• Accurate and sensitive quantification at ng/mL concentrations in complex matrices

 Fast method development (≠ ELISA)
Without using antibody

 Discrimination of protein isoforms

 Multiplex quantification: up to 50 in a single analysis


Our services:

• Engineering and manufacturing of stable-isotope-labelled therapeutic proteins to be used as quantification standards 
Development of quantitative mass spectrometry assays (SRM analysis) and sample analysis 

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