Biopharmaceutical facilities

PX'Therapeutics’ capacities are particularly suitable when small quantities of biopharmaceutical product are needed, such as for the production of batches for Phase-1 and/or Phase-2 clinical trials.

We can also perform protein-based ancillary materials manufacturing. These raw materials can be used, for example, for development of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products for cell therapy and regenerative-medicine-based companies.


Our flexible facilities allow us to implement and qualify new equipment and to handle “original” processes.

We have two GMP-certified manufacturing units:


  • A 110-m² area dedicated to microbial expression systems (E.coli, yeasts): 

    with up to 50-L upstream capability.


  • A 337-m² area dedicated to mammalian expression systems: handling of adherent cell production in cell factory systems and suspension culture up to 250-L in single-use bioreactor.


Our GMP manufacturing facilities are regularly inspected by the French competent authority and a copy of our GMP certificate is available upon request.


Easy process transfer to large-scale CMO partners:

Our strategy is to accompany biopharmaceutical companies in the development of their products from early-stage research up to mid-scale production campaigns. This means that we commit ourselves to helping our clients identify and select the right large-scale CMO partner, and are strongly involved in the process transfer when higher quantities are needed for phase-3 or for market.