Murine Monoclonal Antibody Development  
We offer R&D services ranging from antigen generation through to antibody purification for research or therapeutic purposes. The flexibility and capabilities of our mAb technology platform enables us to address antibody development related issues such as immunization of animals with difficult-to-express antigens (eg: use of genic immunization) or generation of mAbs directed against rare and weakly antigenic epitopes (eg: use of subtractive immunization). Every incoming project will be thoroughly evaluated before proposing a relevant customized program. According to the project specifications and objectives, programs may include:

Production of the immunogen if required (protein, peptide, etc) 
Animal immunization        
-  with DNA, transfected cells or purified protein       
-  use of custom immunization protocols.
Fusion and generation of hybridomas in semi-solid media  
Screening & cloning of secreting hybridomas
Monoclonal antibody characterization of clones by Biacore to identify the best candidates for further development in a timely and cost-effective manner
Production and purification of antibody batches at mg scale