Our strengths


  • Experience & know-how

Since the creation of the company in 2000, PX'Therapeutics has acquired a strong expertise in recombinant protein development, particularly for therapeutic applications, with experience and know-how in process optimisation and scale-up production for technical, preclinical and clinical batches. We delivered more than 50 preclinical/clinical protein batches in Europe and North America.


  • Timeline optimisation & success increase

Thanks to a dedicated team of experts, PX'Therapeutics ensures perfect cohesion and continuity from the early phases up to GMP manufacturing, allowing us to anticipate scale-up risks and pharmaceutical production constraints.

Any delay in the project is detrimental to both parties, therefore PX'Therapeutics uses all the scientific means and technical know-how in its possession to manage the project and meet the project’s objectives.


  • Flexibility & reactivity

As a team made up of 35 skilled people, PX'Therapeutics has the advantage of being able to manage a project in accordance with customers’ time constraints.

At PX'Therapeutics, most of the studies start within 15 days of the contract being signed.


  • Intellectual property & budget facilitated

PX'Therapeutics is willing to use intellectual-property-free tools in order to avoid our customers paying licence fees or royalties to third parties.


  • Regulatory expertise & advice

Thanks to our solid experience in various original projects (therapeutic products, ancillary products, in-vivo/in-vitro diagnostic products), we are able to assist our customers with regard to regulatory aspects. We have established strong relationships with French, European and other regulatory authorities allowing us to advise our customers on defining their product specifications and to set up the required documentation for IND submission.



Partner, Player & Adviser, PX’Therapeutics will deploy all its strengths to ensure the success of your project.