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R&D bioproduction capacities

As a services company in biotechnlogy in constant development since 2000, PX’Therapeutics possesses the capabilities that have allowed us to contribute to the industrial and clinical potential creation for more than a thousand of our clients’ projects.

Our Bioproduction Facilities

R&D Production
Quality Control

Microbial Capacities

Shake-flasks up to 24 l

Glass stirred tank fermentor: 2.5-5 l and 5-10 l

Wave™ system


Mammalian Capacities

Shake-flasks up to 48 l

Parallel stirred-tank bioreactor, glass (up to 2 l)

Stirred-tank bioreactor, glass (up to 12 l)

Cell counter and semi-automatic metabolite analyzer

Wave™ system (up to 25 l)



High-pressure homogenizer (12 l/h at 1500 bar)

5 purification systems / DOE software

Chromatography columns (diameter up to 50 mm)

Microfiltration/Ultrafiltration (from 50 cm² to 0.3 m²)

Refolding tank (up to 20 l)

Our Service Portfolio


PX’ offers a wide range of services in microbial and mammalian protein production for R&D purposes.


Our offer is adapted to the biologicals in human and animal healthcare, as well as in cosmetic and food-processing industry. Our customers are major groups, biotech companies and academic laboratories.


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