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PX’, the ideal partner for your R&D bioproduction projects

PX’Therapeutics has claimed its place among the European services leaders in biotechnology, thanks to a proven know-how in more than 1,000 projects delivered by teams from around the world.


Recommendations from 100% of our clients, large groups, biotech companies and academic laboratories are a sign of strong confidence, which makes us proud and encourages us to follow even stronger requirements.

A wide range of services for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and academic laboratories

Our range of services addresses all phases of biologicals development. PX’ ensures one or more custom-made stages, from the sequences and expression systems optimization, to the production of hundreds mg of protein to perform preliminary studies (in-vitro/in-vivo).


PX’ services cover both microbial (bacteria and yeasts), and mammalian expression systems for the production of biological molecules.


Particular expertise is production of untagged or insoluble proteins, benefiting immunogenicity studies, and addressing a fundamental challenge of recombinant protein expression. Protein production is supported by an analytical platform offering both functional and characterization capabilities.


Further capabilities include production of stable isotope labelled proteins and antibodies for use as internal standards in quantitative LC-MS through Promise Proteomics brand.

Our expertise is primarily in human and animal healthcare, where our regulatory expertise has been able to meet the standards of drug agencies in many countries: France, US, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, etc. We also provide quality raw materials to diagnostic companies. Furthermore, we play a role in agri-food and cosmetic industry projects.

PX’, the perfect mix of know-how and passion

PX’Therapeutics was founded in 2000, with the goal of providing scientific expertise in protein engineering and development of recombinant proteins for R&D purposes. Other services followed very quickly, and the company’s portfolio, capacities, and competence continued to grow.

Today, PX’Therapeutics capitalizes on an experienced, loyal and passionate team and the know-how accumulated through the delivery of over hundreds of projects. We offer high-quality services that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. This is confirmed by 96% of our customers that are satisfied with the services provided.