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Éric Rougemond – M.D. – Chief Executive Officer

I care about: raising PX’Therapeutics to the ranks of European human-sized CDMO leaders, based on the values of  integrity, accuracy, commitment and initiative.

His role: Eric brings to PX’Therapeutics his rich industrial expertise in life sciences.

Biography: Eric Rougemond, CEO Aguettant Laboratory, has been the CEO of PX’Therapeutics since June 2013. Doctor of Medicine specialized in Clinical Biology, Eric brings value of his rich career in pharmaceutical industry to PX’: Vice President of EUSA Pharma for several regions of the world, Medical Director at Merck KGaA and OPI.


Claire Untereiner – Chief Operating Officer

I care about: understanding the needs of our customers, providing effective, tailor-made solutions and contributing to development of new drugs.

Her role: Claire oversees the PX business development.

Biography: Claire Untereiner has been the COO of PX’Therapeutics since November 2013. She joined the company in 2008 where she successively held operational positions, followed by positions in Business Development and Marketing. PX’ will profit from Claire’s experience in CRO, her comprehensive knowledge of the market and its trends, as well as her dual expertise – a Master’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Lyon and a Master’s degree in Management of Technology and Innovation from the EMLYON Business School.


Fabrice Gurliat – Quality Director & Qualified Person

I care about: ensuring patient safety by delivering quality products to our customers.

His role: Fabrice and the quality department provide PX’Therapeutics with quality levels required for an industrial biomanufacturing site and clinical batches manufacturing according to GMP.

Biography: Fabrice Gurliat has been PX’Therapeutics Quality Director and Qualified Person since October 2015. He coordinates the company’s continuous improvement program. Doctor of Pharmacy with a Master’s degree in industrial pharmacy, Fabrice brings to PX’ his strong expertise in quality management built through a rich career in pharmaceutical industry with companies such as GSK, Nestlé, l’Oréal, Lilly, and consulting activities.


Joana Pech – Head of Microbial and Purification Platforms

I care about: contributing to the future biologicals development by ensuring that each one of our clients’ projects is a success 

Her role: Joana leads our customers’ projects and oversees activities related to the microbial production and purification platforms

Biography: Joana Pech has been leading PX’Therapeutics projects since April 2012. She began her career in biotech and pharmaceutical industry. She joined the company in 2006 when she first worked as a process development engineer, then led the microbial processes development platform. Joana holds a Master’s degree in engineering from INSA Lyon, specialized in biochemistry and biotechnology.


Miliza Diab – Head of Mammalian Platform

I care about: original and effective solutions to answer our customers’ needs and their specific issues.

Her role: Miliza leads our customers’ projects and oversees cell culture platform activities.

Biography: Miliza Diab joined the company in 2009 as an R&D engineer. She then moved on to project management and mammalian USP platform supervision to implement new technologies for cell culture and mammalian cell production. She is an engineer with a Biochemical Engineering and Health Biotechnology degree (Polytech Marseille ex ESIL).


Cécilia Courbey – Head of Production

I care about: ensuring daily, with my team,  production according to the highest standards, worthy of a leading European CDMO.

Her role: Cécilia oversees the scaling and clinical batches production.

Biography: Cécilia Courbey has been the Production Manager at PX’Therapeutics since January 2014. She joined the company in 2007 and has progressively held different positions that changed her specialization from R&D processes to pharmaceutical expertise. Cecilia holds a Master’s degree in biotechnology from the University of Nîmes.