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Quality policy

For the future of biomedical innovations

PX’Therapeutics aims to become a key player in protein services and contribute to major biomedical innovations design and development.


Our company relies on its values of quality and excellence to earn the trust of our customers who are at the center of our everyday work.  Our business development has been accelerated both thanks to our customers’ satisfaction built over time and on compliance with client specifications of protein batches delivered.

This is where the visibility and prominence of PX’ comes from!

4 pillars of PX’ development


100% of customer audits qualifying PX’Therapeutics as a subcontractor


An effective and agile organization at the service of our customers’ projects

Compliant products with optimized production costs and timely delivery


Our innovative technologies make us stand out in the R&D bioproduction market

Open innovation through external partnerships and research, and integration of new technologies

Listening to our customers and communicating with them

A customer-centric quality approach – from the initial exchanges to the delivery of products and reports

Our customers’ satisfaction > 95%

Sustainable framework and
accountability at all levels



All of PX’s actions are part of our sustainable and responsible framework and rest on the powerful contribution made by our employees. To accelerate the development of PX’Therapeutics, the Management supports and encourages our employees to develop their competences and to take accountability.