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PX’ analyzes your biological molecules.
Multiply the chance of success for your projects!



You work on:

A soluble or insoluble protein or a peptide

Monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies

An antibody fragment

scFv, VHH, VH, Fab…

Cells or microorganisms, natural or modified


Expert in bioproduction since 2000, PX’Therapeutics has developed an important expertise in the development of analytical methods for biologicals in order to guarantee its customers the best quality of products and services.



Our goal


To develop appropriate methods at each stage of the project and progress towards a better understanding of the product, until the final validation of the most critical methods has been achieved. Through its platform equipped with the latest technologies, PX’Therapeutics helps you ensure your candidate’s best potential.

Our offer



  • R&D cell banks characterization (bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells).
  • A wide range of tests: identification, dosage, purity, impurities analysis, structure or interaction study, activity test.
  • Transfer of your methods or new methods development.
  • R&D stability studies (short or long term, at different storage temperatures, under accelerated conditions, under product use conditions, etc.).