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sequences & systems

PX’ optimizes your sequences and selects the best expression systems.
Multiply the chance of success for your projects!



You work on:

A soluble or insoluble protein or a peptide

Monoclonal antibodies

An antibody fragment

scFv, VHH, VH, Fab…

An experienced services company in biotechnology, PX’Therapeutics has been developing its expertise with hundreds of customers since 2000. Our services of sequence and biological expression systems optimization have made a number of our customers’ projects a success. We look forward to using these competencies for the benefit of your products.



Our goal


Optimize your sequences and develop efficient expression systems; turn your candidate into the best lead, make it easy to produce and increase its added value to secure its industrial potential.


Our offer



  • In silico analysis of your sequences and suggestions for improvement.
  • Engineering of your proteins.
  • Humanization of your antibodies.
  • Synthesis of native, harmonized or optimized genes considering the codon bias.
  • Gene cloning into proven expression vectors with different promoters.
  • Expression systems screening (bacteria, yeasts, mammalian cells) and selecting the best.
  • Ultra-fast production of a number of variants and comparative analysis of productivity and quality data.

PX’ expertise in optimizing sequences and systems