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MamMalian production

PX’ takes care of your mammal production.
Multiply the chance of success for your projects!



You work on:


A protein or peptide

A monoclonal antibody

An antibody fragment

scFv, VHH, Fab

PX’Therapeutics is recognized for its expertise in mammalian cell culture and the production of recombinant proteins and antibodies in these expression systems.



Our goal


Develop cell culture processes, produce recombinant proteins in mammalian cells for R&D applications. With its proven production capabilities, PX’Therapeutics provides its customers with anything from a few mg to several tens of grams of protein.


Our offer



  • Hybridomas generation and antibody production from these hybridomas.
  • Batch production in transient transfection (CHO and HEK).
  • Development of pool of stably-transfected cells.
  • Process development of culture in Erlenmeyer, in WAVE.
  • Adherent and suspension cell culture.
  • Process transfer or de novo development.
  • Production in « low endotoxins » conditions.

PX’ expertise in Mammalian production