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Process Development

PX’ develops your industrial processes.
Multiply the chance of success for your projects!



You work on:

A soluble or insoluble protein

A natural or modified microorganism


A monoclonal/ polyclonal antibody or a fragment

scFv, VHH, VH, Fab…

Optimization and understanding of a process are essential for the future of the biological candidate and the success of your project. PX’ is happy if you benefit from its expertise, gained from working for a large number of customers.



Our goal


Increase the industrial potential of your candidate with the perfect mix of productivity, robustness, safety, and quality. For this purpose, we develop for you the microbial and mammalian production process, such as purification and ensure their transfer for production in GMP environment and on a large scale.


Our offer



  • Experiments plan design.
  • Optimization of culture conditions (in batch and fed-batch).
  • Definition and optimization of purification steps.
  • Critical parameters definition.
  • Production scaling.
  • Consideration of process continuity and cost-effectiveness.


PX’ expertise in process development

Our additional services




Analytical methods development for product characterization