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PX’ ensures your biologicals purification.
Multiply the chance of success for your projects!



You work on:

A recombinant protein or peptide

An extracted protein or peptide

A monoclonal / polyclonal antibody or an antibody fragment


A biological’s optimal purity is one of the keys to its success. PX’Therapeutics, a CDMO expert in biomanufacturing since 2000, has accumulated a wealth of know-how in purification. Our customers’ high satisfaction and their testimonials vouch for the quality of our customized services.



Our goal


To give every chance of success to your biological by guaranteeing an optimal degree of purity, thanks to our expertise, acquired in hundreds of projects.

Our offer



  • Cells collection.
  • Cell lysis or periplasmic extraction.
  • A wide range of chromatographic purification methods (affinity, IEC, HIC, mixed modes, SEC).
  • Specific solutions to eliminate impurities such as aggregates, endotoxins, or DNA.
  • Preparation and solubilization of inclusion bodies.
  • Insoluble proteins folding conditions design.
  • Development of filtration/diafiltration steps.
  • Virus inactivation and elimination steps (viral clearance) development and validation.
  • Finished products formulation to ensure their stability and effectiveness

PX’ expertise in purification